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    How to Maintain the Escalator Tension Chain?

    How to Maintain the Escalator Tension Chain?

    (Summary description)What's the Rules and Regulations for Tension Chain? How to Maintain the Escalator Tension Chain? 

    How to Maintain the Escalator Tension Chain?

    (Summary description)What's the Rules and Regulations for Tension Chain? How to Maintain the Escalator Tension Chain? 


    What's the Rules and Regulations for Tension Chain? How to Maintain the Escalator Tension Chain?

    Each mechanical part of an escalator can withstand a certain amount of pressure and stretch. If over that amount is applied to the desired part, it will break, fracture, tear, bend, etc. Regarding escalator tension chains, what's regulation we need to pay attention.


    For better maintenance of the drive chain, we should observe the rules:


    • The engine chains, sprockets and gearbox outputs must always be aligned in the same direction. Otherwise, the sprocket and gearbox will wear prematurely, and the chains would be damaged.
    • The chain is due to rotate around a constant axis and should be steadily lubricated for best performance. This can be done manually or automatically.

    • The drive chain must have slackness when connected to the gearbox output to prevent pressure on the motor and chain itself. For most models, this measurement on the sprocket must be 30 mm, combined, from the top and/or bottom of the chains. Movement will be affected if this measurement is less or more

    • If the chain is loose, there may be a risk of collision with the engine chip breakage micro-switch, resulting in frequent static outages. If the engine chains are tight, too much pressure may be applied to the chain, sprocket and motor, causing engine overheating, in some cases, a break in the main axis.

    Signs of the chain is loose including:

    • The sound of the chain continuously encountering the pad
    • Frequent escalator stoppages due to the chain activating the safety switch. The programmable logic controller will power off the escalator.

    To set the motor base when not setting the chain, first, put the chain in the middle. Then, loosen the four screws of the base of the motor to adjust.


    Second, depending on the looseness of the chain, change the engine’s base position. If the tension chain is loose, tighten the motor locking screw to tighten the chain. If the chain is tight, loosen the motor locking screws, and use a lever to drive the motor forward to loosen the chain.


    Third, Before tightening the screws, measure the motor base’s position relative to a constant source using a ruler to ensure the base is aligned with other parts. Keep in mind that the motor base screws should be tightened in a cross-section using a torque wrench, and do not forget that the motor locking screw must also be tightened using a torque wrench to prevent unintentional movement of the escalator.


    Finally, after adjusting the motor base and the chain, move the escalator once in both directions to ensure the desired performance of the engine chains.



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