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    How to clean rubber handrails?

    How to clean rubber handrails?

    (Summary description)How to clean escalator rubber handrails

    How to clean rubber handrails?

    (Summary description)How to clean escalator rubber handrails


    How to Clean Rubber Handrails?


    This special cleaning method only applies to rubber handrails whereby the handrail surface has a layer of sticky and dirty matter that cant be cleaned by water or daily cleaning due to the dirty environment or poor cleaning maintenance of the escalators.

    It is suggested that the customer cleans the handrails once a week in summer time.

    It is suggested that the customer cleans the handrails once one month in winter time.

    The detail of working steps are as follows:


    Ⅰ, To prepare personal protective equipment


    , To prepare materials for cleaning the surface of handrail

    *** Please use proper PPE when handling any cleaning material. Follow all instructions from the cleaning supply manufacturer


    A, Method One

     --- common white rag or household white rag

     --- Alcohol: concentration >95% Note: Alcohol from qualified

    B, Method Two

    ---  Silicon emulsion cleaner (Tire Polish)

    ---- Common white rag or household white rage

    ---- Dimethyl benzene-one kind of solvent, Note: Diethyl benzene from qualified


    , Slowly saturate clean cotton cloth with alcohol



    , With moderate pressure, apply the saturated cloth to the dirty handrail



    , Once the cotton cloth becomes very dirty during cleaning handrail, it should be replaced with a clean cotton cloth


    , Repeat cleaning steps from step Ⅲ & Ⅳ


    Ⅶ, After a thorough cleaning for the whole of handrail surface, the cotton cloth and the handrail surface looks clean as a below picture

    Ⅷ, These below pictures show that the escalator was not maintained well, and it will pollute the handrail.

    The contacting rollers surface is dirty, and the handrail surface was covered a tape, and the tape surface was contaminated a lot of dust coming from the contacting rollers.


    The painting was dropped down onto the surface. The chain rollers at both ends of the escalator contain a lot of dust and debris.


    Ⅸ, The whole of profile of handrail should be cleaned like as Red Lines direction to avoid the passengers contacting with the dust on both shoulders.


    There are two methods to be recommended here, and the cleaning effectiveness of using Dimethyl benzene to cleaning handrail surface is much better than Alcohol cleaning method. But Alcohol cleaning method is more safe, convenient and economical .

    Alcohol and Dimethyl benzene  should be away from the fire and it should be kept into the fire-retardant area and the fire-extinguisher is necessary.


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