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    Importance of elevator brake

    Importance of elevator brake

    (Summary description)The brake is an important safety device of the elevator, and its safety and reliability is one of the important factors to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.

    Importance of elevator brake

    (Summary description)The brake is an important safety device of the elevator, and its safety and reliability is one of the important factors to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.


    The brake is an important safety device of the elevator, and its safety and reliability is one of the important factors to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.


    1. The elevator in operation can automatically stop the car when the power is cut off.

    2. When the elevator stops running, the brake shall be able to keep the car stationary and the position unchanged under 125% of the rated load.

    Conditions of Use

    1. The altitude shall not exceed 1000m, the relative air humidity shall not exceed 80%, and the ambient temperature shall be+40 ℃~- 15 ℃.

    2. There is no gas and dust that can corrode metal and damage insulation in the surrounding medium.

    3. The insulation grade is B, the protection grade is IP55, and the voltage fluctuation is not more than ± 5%.

    4. The working mode is S1 continuous working system.

    5. Working voltage AC220V / DC110V


    The existing brake device of the construction elevator can be used as an additional brake to implement secondary protection for the brake. In order to reduce wear, the braking device may not participate in braking at ordinary times until the main brake fails or the pulley starts to brake. As for the main brake, the additional brake has complete independence, so the safety effect is significant. At the same time, because it is completed by another braking device without additional brakes, the economic benefit is also significant. However, to serve as the secondary protection of the brake, it must be an electric braking device, so that it can act in time when the electrical system detects the brake failure or pulley.

    In a word, most of the operation control and safety protection of the construction lift depend on the action of the brake system to stop the lift. The role of the brake on the site lift is just like the brake system on the car, and its importance is beyond doubt. Without brakes, elevators cannot operate normally. Without brakes with good performance, it is impossible to have intact elevators with good performance, or even unsafe construction elevators. Therefore, it is a long-term important technical topic to strengthen the research on the safety and reliability of braking devices. To ensure the safety of the brake is fully guaranteed, the key is to strictly implement the independence of the brake.

    Working Principle

    When the elevator is at a standstill, there is no current in the coil of traction motor and electromagnetic elevator brake. At this time, because there is no attraction between the electromagnet cores, the brake pads will hold the brake wheel tightly under the pressure of the brake spring to ensure that the motor does not rotate; When the traction motor is powered on and rotates, the coil in the brake electromagnet is powered on at the same time, and the electromagnet core is magnetized quickly, driving the brake arm to make its brake spring bear the force, the brake pad opens, and is completely separated from the brake wheel, so that the elevator can run; When the elevator car reaches the required stop, the traction motor loses power and the coil in the brake electromagnet loses power at the same time. The magnetic force in the electromagnetic iron core disappears rapidly. The iron core resets through the brake arm under the action of the brake spring, so that the brake pad holds the brake wheel again, and the elevator stops working.


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