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    Instructions for safe riding on escalators

    Instructions for safe riding on escalators

    (Summary description)Children and the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled should be held or supported by a capable adult.

    Instructions for safe riding on escalators

    (Summary description)Children and the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled should be held or supported by a capable adult.


    Escalator safety tips

    1. Children and the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled should be held or supported by a capable adult. Infants and young children should be held by the above-mentioned adults. Adults should also use handrails to avoid accidents and rely on crutches. Passengers who walk with poles, walkers, and wheelchairs should go to the elevator.

    2. Do not stretch your head and limbs out of the handrail device to avoid being hit by obstacles, ceilings, adjacent escalators or inclined moving walks, and causing personal injury.

    3. It is forbidden to insert sharp and hard objects such as crutches, umbrella tips or high heels into the gaps on the edge of the steps or the grooves of the step pedals, so as to avoid damage to the steps or comb plates and cause personal accidents.

    4. Do not intentionally pull back the handrail in the opposite direction of the handrail running in an attempt to block its running; do not let your fingers and clothing touch the gaps on the edge of the steps or the grooves of the step pedals, so as to avoid damage to the steps or the comb plate, and cause personal accident.

    5. Do not let your fingers and clothing touch the parts under the handrails on both sides; do not pull the lower edge of the handrails by hand. Otherwise, the normal operation of the handrail will be affected, the parts of the handrail will be damaged, or the fingers will be scratched or pinched.

    6. Children are not allowed to climb on the handrails or the Inner and cover plates. It is forbidden to play with the handrail or the inner and outer cover as slide to prevent people from being scratched, pinched or falling.

    7. It is forbidden to jump, play and run on the running steps.

    8. It is forbidden to walk and run in the opposite direction of the ladder running, so as not to affect the use of others or fall. It is forbidden to stand on the side of the handrail to prevent the clothes from being caught or damage to the handrail device.

    9. It is forbidden to discard cigarette butts on the steps to prevent fire; do not discard fruit pits, bottle caps, ice cream sticks, chewing gum, commodity packaging and other sundries on the steps to prevent damage to the comb plate; Use slippery shoes such as water and oil.

    10. When the escalator or moving sidewalk is running, the comb plate is a more critical part. Passengers should try to avoid hands, body, shoes, dresses, and sharp and hard objects touching this place to avoid danger.

    11. Do not touch the handrail entry with your hands or other foreign objects to prevent involvement; children are not allowed to play around the turning end of the handrail to prevent their head, arm or body from being caught between the handrail and the floor.

    12. In the event of an unexpected emergency, such as when a passenger falls or his fingers or heels are caught, they should immediately call the passenger or duty officer at the entrance and exit of the stairs to press the red emergency stop button immediately to stop the escalator or moving walkway, so as to avoid In case of serious injury, please do not press this button under normal conditions to prevent other passengers from falling due to inertia due to sudden stop.

    13. It is forbidden to take the escalator with baby strollers, shopping carts, etc. in order to prevent the car from losing its balance and causing it to roll over, or even cause injury to other passengers or damage to equipment. Please take the elevator or moving walkway when necessary.

    14. Luggage items such as luggage, handbags, etc. carried by passengers should be carried by hand (for moving walks , they can be placed in the shopping trolley)

    15. It is forbidden to use escalators or moving sidewalks as conveyors to directly carry goods, and passengers are forbidden to carry long or bulky heavy objects to prevent personal injury or equipment damage due to collision with flowering boards, adjacent escalators, etc. .

    16. It is forbidden to evacuate through the fire stairs in the event of a fire or earthquake in the building. Do not ride escalators and moving walks when flooding occurs (for example, due to a broken water pipe in the building).

    17. When the escalator stops running, please do not use it as a walking floor because the vertical height of the steps is not suitable for people to walk and easily trip or fall.


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