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    It is important to disinfect the elevator correctly!

    It is important to disinfect the elevator correctly!

    (Summary description)Elevator disinfection is very important, and the elevator disinfection method must be correct.

    It is important to disinfect the elevator correctly!

    (Summary description)Elevator disinfection is very important, and the elevator disinfection method must be correct.


    Although the epidemic has begun to ease in 2023, we cannot relax our vigilance. Elevator disinfection is still very important, and the elevator disinfection method must be correct.


    Cleaning and disinfection methods for elevator with pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus:

    01. The elevator button is not completely sealed. Do not spray disinfectant directly on the elevator button, or it may cause a short circuit on the computer board.

    Correct button disinfection method: stick the plastic wrap, replace the plastic wrap several times a day, or disinfect the surface of the plastic wrap.


    02. Preparation before disinfection

    a: Before disinfection, stop the elevator and set disinfection warning signs.

    b: Prepare disinfection drugs, instruments and articles: chlorine disinfectant (or 75% ethanol); Container for preparing disinfectant; Clean rags, watering cans, warning signs, mops, etc.  

    c: Staff: disinfection staff must be trained and master certain disinfection knowledge.

    d: Personnel protection: wear work clothes, gloves, work shoes, masks, hats, and goggles when necessary.


    03. Preparation of disinfectant

    a: Preparation method of chlorine-containing disinfectant with effective chlorine concentration of 500mg/L:

        Disinfection powder (effective chlorine content 12%~13%, 20 g/bag): 1 bag of disinfection powder plus 4.8 liters of water.

    b: 75% ethanol disinfectant: direct use.

    c: Other disinfectants shall be prepared and used according to the concentration of killing intestinal pathogenic bacteria according to the product label.


    04. Disinfection method

    a: The elevator user shall regularly clean and disinfect the elevator according to the requirements of the prevention and control standards for COVID-19, and keep the elevator fan running normally.

    b: During disinfection, the elevator shall be stopped on the first floor, only one at a time, and the warning sign shall be placed in front of the door by a specially-assigned person. The disinfection personnel shall take personal protection, and then disinfect. Before disinfection, the elevator should be thoroughly cleaned, and then disinfected. After the disinfection effect reaches the specified time, the disinfectant should be removed with clean water to prevent the residual disinfectant from causing harm to human body.

    c: Key parts for disinfection: frequently contacted keys, handrails, elevator box walls, etc.: If 75% ethanol is used for disinfection, the ethanol can be sprayed onto the surface of the object with a spray can, and then wiped and disinfected with a clean cloth.

    d: Open the elevator door and use the exhaust fan for ventilation for 30 minutes. If there is an elevator that does not have ventilation conditions, it can be disinfected by ultraviolet light irradiation if conditions permit. Spraying disinfectant is not recommended for air disinfection.


    05. End of work

    After the work is completed, restore the normal operation of the elevator, take back the warning sign, bring back the tools, and make a record of the cleaning and disinfection of the elevator. The staff took off the protective equipment, put it into a bag and took it back for disposal, and the staff carried out sanitary treatment.


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