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    Repair and maintenance of escalators

    Repair and maintenance of escalators

    (Summary description)Repair and maintenance of escalators
    keep the escalator in good working condition

    Repair and maintenance of escalators

    (Summary description)Repair and maintenance of escalators
    keep the escalator in good working condition


    Repairs and replacements or overhauls of parts are required to keep the escalator in good working condition

    Ⅰ.Maintenance and safety precautions

    1. Erection obstacles and a sign that the escalator is being repaired.

    2. Before starting work, cut off the power to the motor and control device.

    3. If necessary, install a padlock on the handle of the main switch supplying power to the motor

    4. If the inspection step is removed from the escalator, it is only allowed to operate with the maintenance inspection control switch

    5. Never allow the load to start

    6. After the maintenance, the escalator should be kept clean and tidy



    Ⅱ.The maintenance, maintenance and cycle of the escalator:

    In order to improve the service life of the escalator, the escalator must be regularly repaired and maintained. Therefore, the following service and maintenance intervals are necessary.

    1. The escalator must be checked and adjusted once three months after it is put into operation.

    2. The escalator should be cleaned up and down the machine room once every half a month of operation, and the easy-to-wear parts such as chains should be lubricated (without automatic lubricating device); The filter basket and the oil inlet filter, the brush should be cleaned every four months, and the oil collecting tank should be cleaned every year.

    3. The escalator should be overhauled once every 12-18 months of operation

    4. The escalator step running guide rail should be cleaned every six months


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