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    privacy protection

    privacy protection

    • Categories:Service
    • Time of issue:2021-01-26 14:55:33
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    User registration agreement

      This agreement is a contract between you and the owner of the website (abbreviation: Deysse, URL: http://www.Deysse.com/) (hereinafter referred to as: Deysse) on website services and other related matters. Please read it carefully This registration agreement, after you click the; agree and continue; button, this agreement constitutes a legal document binding on both parties.

      Article 1 Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service of this site

      1.1 The ownership and operation rights of various electronic services on this site belong to all. The user agrees to all the terms of the registration agreement and completes the registration procedure before becoming an official user of this site. User confirmation: The terms of this agreement are contracts that deal with the rights and obligations of both parties, and are always valid. If there are other mandatory provisions of the law or special agreements between the parties, the provisions shall be followed.

      1.2 If the user clicks to agree to this agreement, it is deemed that the user has confirmed that he has the corresponding rights and capacity to enjoy the services of this site, place orders, and so on, and be able to independently assume legal responsibility.

      1.3 If you are under the age of 18, you can only use this site under the supervision and participation of your parents or guardians.

      1.4 Reserve the right to independently decide to refuse service, close user accounts, delete or edit content, or cancel orders within the scope permitted by the law of the People's Republic of China Mainland.

      Article 2 Service of this site

      2.1 Provide users with Internet information and other services through the Internet in accordance with the law, and users have the right to use the relevant services of this site if they fully agree to this agreement and the provisions of this site.

      2.2 Users must prepare the following equipment and bear the following expenses: (1) Internet equipment, including but not limited to computers or other Internet terminals, modems and other necessary Internet devices; (2) Internet expenses, including but not limited to network access Fee, Internet equipment rental fee, mobile phone data fee, etc.

      Article 3 User Information

      3.1 The user shall provide the registration information to this site in good faith. The user agrees that the registration information provided is true, accurate, complete, legal and effective. If the user registration information changes, the registration information shall be updated in time. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete, the user shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom, and reserves the right to terminate the user's use of various services.

      3.2 When the user conducts activities such as browsing, placing an order and shopping on this site, involving the user's real name/name, mailing address, contact number, email address and other private information, this site will keep it strictly confidential, unless authorized by the user or other laws There are regulations that this site will not disclose user privacy information to the outside world.

      3.3 After successful user registration, account information such as user name and password will be generated, and you can change your password according to the regulations of this site. Users should store and use their username and password carefully and reasonably. If users find any illegal use of user accounts or security loopholes, please notify this site immediately and report to the public security agency.

      3.4 The user agrees to have the right to send order information, promotional activities, etc. information to registered users, shopping users, and consignees on this site through emails, SMS calls, etc.

      3.5 The user shall not lend the account registered on this site to others for use, otherwise the user shall bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom, and shall bear joint and several liabilities with the actual user.

      3.6 The user agrees to have the right to use the user's registration information, user name, password and other information to log in to the user's registered account for evidence preservation, including but not limited to notarization, witness, etc.

      Article 4 The user's words and deeds in accordance with the law

      This agreement is formulated in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, and the user agrees to strictly abide by the following obligations:

      (1) Do not transmit or publish: speech that incites resistance or undermines the implementation of the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations, speech that incites subversion of state power, overthrow of the socialist system, speech that incites splitting the country and undermines national unity, and incites ethnic hatred and ethnic hatred. Discrimination and speech that undermine national unity;

      (2) The transfer of data and information from mainland China to overseas must comply with relevant Chinese regulations;

      (3) Do not use this site to engage in money laundering, stealing business secrets, stealing personal information and other illegal and criminal activities;

      (4) Do not interfere with the normal operation of this site, or intrude into this site and the national computer information system;

      (5) Do not transmit or publish any illegal, criminal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, uncivilized, and other information materials;

      (6) Do not transmit or publish information or speech that harms the public interests of the country and involves national security;

      (7) Do not instigate others to engage in behavior prohibited by this article;

      (8) Do not use accounts registered on this site for profit-making business activities;

      (9) Do not publish any content that infringes on the intellectual property rights or legal rights of others such as copyrights and trademark rights;

      Users should pay attention to and abide by the various legal rules and regulations published or modified on this site from time to time.

      This site reserves the right to delete all kinds of information that does not comply with legal policies or untrue content on the site without notifying users.

      If the user fails to comply with the above regulations, this site has the right to make independent judgments and take measures such as suspending or closing user accounts. Users must bear legal responsibility for their comments and actions online.

      Article 5 Product Information

      The product information on this site, such as the price, quantity, and availability of goods, may change at any time, and this site does not give special notice. Due to the huge amount of product information on the website, although this site will do its best to ensure the accuracy of the product information you browse, due to the well-known Internet technical factors and other objective reasons, the information displayed on the website of this site may be somewhat Lag or error, you know and understand this situation; corrections are welcome, and certain rewards will be given to those who correct them as appropriate.

      To express convenience, goods and services are referred to as; goods; or; goods;.

      Article 6 Order

      6.1 When you place an order, please carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, model, specification, size, contact address, telephone number, consignee and other information of the purchased goods. If the consignee is inconsistent with the user, the consignee’s behavior and expression of intention shall be regarded as the user’s behavior and expression of intention, and the user shall be jointly and severally liable for the legal consequences of the consignee’s behavior and expression of intention.

      6.2 Except as otherwise mandatory by law, the two parties agree as follows: The information such as the products and prices displayed by the seller on this site is only the release of transaction information, and you must fill in the number of products you want to buy, the price and the payment method when you place an order , Consignee, contact information, delivery address, etc.; the order information generated by the system is the data automatically generated by the computer information system according to the content you fill in, and it is only the transaction request you send to the seller; the seller receives your After the order information, only when the seller actually sends the goods you ordered in the order from the warehouse directly to you (marked by the goods out of the warehouse), will it be regarded as the goods actually sent to you directly between you and the seller A transaction relationship has been established; if you order multiple products in an order and the seller only sends you some of the products, you and the seller only establish a transaction relationship for the products that are actually directly sent to you; only When the seller actually directly sends you the other goods ordered in the order, you and the seller will only establish a trading relationship for the other goods in the order that have actually been directly sent to you. You can log in to your account registered on this site at any time to check the status of your order.

      6.3 Due to market changes and various factors that are difficult to control with reasonable commercial efforts, this site cannot guarantee that the goods you want to buy in the order information you submit will be available; if the goods you plan to buy are out of stock, you have the right cancel order.

      Article 7 Delivery

      7.1 The seller will deliver the goods (goods) to the receiving address you specify. All the delivery times listed on this site are the reference time. The calculation of the reference time is based on the inventory status, normal processing and delivery Estimated on the basis of delivery time and delivery location.

      7.2 The seller shall not be liable for delayed delivery due to delays in the order or delivery failure due to the following circumstances:

      (1) The information provided by the user is wrong, the address is not detailed, etc.;

      (2) After the goods are delivered, no one signs for receipt, resulting in failure to deliver or delayed delivery;

      (3) Caused by factors of changing circumstances;

      (4) Caused by force majeure factors, such as natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden wars, etc.

      Article 8 Ownership and Intellectual Property Terms

      8.1 Once the user accepts this agreement, it means that the user takes the initiative to make any form of information content (including but not limited to customer evaluation, customer consultation, various topic articles and other information content) published on this site at any time. Rights and other transferable rights, such as copyright property rights (including but not limited to: reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, projection rights, broadcasting rights, information network communication rights, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation rights The rights, compilation rights, and other transferable rights that should be enjoyed by the copyright owner) are all exclusively and irrevocably transferred to all, and the user agrees to have the right to file a separate lawsuit against any subject infringement.

      8.2 This agreement has constituted Article 25 of the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China (the article serial number shall be determined in accordance with the 2011 Copyright Law) and a written agreement on the transfer of copyright and other rights provided by relevant laws. Any content of a work protected by copyright law, regardless of whether such content was formed before or after the conclusion of this agreement.

      8.3 The user agrees and has fully understood the terms of this agreement, and promises not to publish the information published on this site in any form or authorize other subjects to use it in any way (including but not limited to use on various websites and media).

      8.4 is the producer of this site, has the legal rights of the copyright of the content and resources of this site, protected by national laws, and has the right to modify this agreement and the content of this site from time to time, and post on this site without further notice to the user. To the maximum extent permitted by law, have the right to interpret this agreement and the content of this site.

      8.5 Except as otherwise mandatory by law, without explicit special written permission, no unit or individual shall illegally copy, reprint, quote, link, crawl or otherwise use the information on this site in any way, in whole or in part Content, otherwise, the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

      8.6 The information (such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, sound file fragments, digital downloads, data editing and software) published on this site is the property of its content provider and is subject to Chinese and international copyrights. Legal protection. The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property and is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. All software on this site is the property of its affiliates or its software suppliers, and is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws.

      Article 9 Limitation of liability and non-guarantee

      Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, this site and all the information, content, materials, products (including software) and services contained in or otherwise provided to you through this site are all present; as is; and; Provided on an existing basis.

      Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, we do not make any form, express or implied statement or guarantee for the operation of this site and the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services contained on this site (according to China Unless otherwise provided by the laws of the People's Republic).

      It does not guarantee that all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services contained in this site or otherwise provided to you through this site, its servers or electronic letters and information sent from this site are free of viruses or other harmful ingredient.

      If due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of this site, the sales system of this site crashes or cannot be used normally, resulting in the inability to complete online transactions or loss of relevant information, records, etc., we will try our best to assist in handling the aftermath.

      Article 10 Agreement update and user attention obligations

      According to the changes in national laws and regulations and the needs of website operation, the right to modify the terms of this agreement from time to time, once the modified agreement is posted on this site, it will take effect and replace the original agreement. Users can log in to check the latest agreement at any time; users are obliged to follow and read the latest version of the agreement and website announcements from time to time. If the user does not agree to the updated agreement, he can and should immediately stop accepting the services provided by the website in accordance with this agreement; if the user continues to use the services provided by this website, it shall be deemed to have agreed to the updated agreement. It is recommended that you read this agreement and the announcement of this site before using this site. If any clause in this agreement is deemed to be annulled, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, that clause shall be deemed divisible and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining clauses.

      Article 11 Legal jurisdiction and application

      The conclusion, implementation and interpretation of this agreement and dispute resolution shall be applicable to the effective laws applicable in the mainland of the People's Republic of China (but not including its conflict of laws rules).

      In the event of a conflict between this agreement and the applicable law, these terms will be completely reinterpreted in accordance with the law, and other valid terms will continue to be valid. If the parties have any disputes over the content of this agreement or its implementation, the two parties shall try their best to resolve them through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the competent court of the mainland of the People's Republic of China.

      Article 12 Other

      12.1 The owner of the website refers to the website operator of Shanxi Fuan Guotai Network Technology Co., Ltd. licensed or filed by the government according to law.

      12.2 Respect the legal rights of users and consumers. This agreement and various rules, statements and other content published on this website are all for better and more convenient services for users and consumers. This site welcomes comments and suggestions from users and all walks of life, and will humbly accept and timely modify this agreement and various rules on this site.

      12.3 The content of this agreement is marked in bold, bold, underlined, italic, etc., please read it carefully.

      12.4 When you click the; agree and continue; button at the bottom of this agreement, you are deemed to have fully accepted this agreement. Before clicking, please reconfirm that you know and fully understand the entire content of this agreement.

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