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    Basic knowledge of vertical elevator and escalators

    Basic knowledge of vertical elevator and escalators

    (Summary description)Basic knowledge of vertical elevator and escalators

    Basic knowledge of vertical elevator and escalators

    (Summary description)Basic knowledge of vertical elevator and escalators


    Basic knowledge of vertical elevator and escalators

    1.Origin and history

    Elevator is the general term of the stepped escalator with the car elevator running in the vertical operation and inclined direction, and the automatic sidewalk running in the inclined or horizontal direction .
    Currently, about 6.35 million elevators are being used worldwide, including about 6.1 million vertical elevators, and about 250,000 escalators and sidewalks, or just 4% .
    • About 1100 BC, ancient Chinese invented the pulley, which was lifted through the rotary movement of the drum .
    • In 236 BC the Greek mathematician Archimedes designed a human-driven roller-type winder thought to be the originator of modern elevators .
    • In the early 19th century, Europe and the United States began to use steam engines as the power for lifting tools .
    • In 1852, the American mechanical engineer invented the world's first safety elevator.It is a steam engine-powered lift with safety devices .
    • The world's first DC motor-powered electric powered lift was successfully installed in New York in 1889.Since then, a veritable elevator was born .
    • AC induction motors were later invented, and applied in 1900 .
    • The elevators at the time were all drum-wheeled .Lift height and weight bearing are limited, and safety is not good .
    • Trered elevators appeared in the United States in 1903, which replaced rope drums with traction wheels .

    After the power problem is solved, the elevator turns to electrical control and speed regulation.


    Development of elevator in drive control technology

    • DC motor drive control
    • AC single-speed motor drive control
    • AC two-speed motor drive control
    • DC has gear, no gear governor drive control
    • AC voltage control drive control
    • AC variable pressure frequency conversion speed control drive control
    • Frequconversion drive control of AC permanent magnet synchronous motor

    The first escalator appeared in 1900

    • The pedals are made of hardwood with movable handrails and comb panels

    The first modern automatic elevator appeared in 1922

    • Horizontal wedge slot ladder combined with comb panel

    2.Classification of elevators

    Passenger Elevator

    • Suitable for premium hotels, hotels, office buildings and residences.


    Observation Elevator

    • Suitable for sightseeing purposes.


    Residential Elevator

    • Suitable for all kinds of residential buildings.


    Medical elevator

    • Suitable for various medical buildings or apartments for the elderly.


    3.Classification of escalator


    • Suitable for hotels, office buildings, large shopping malls, airports and subways.


    Moving Pavement

    • Suitable for large shopping malls, airports and subways.


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