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    Escalator safety knowledge

    Escalator safety knowledge

    (Summary description)Escalator safety knowledge

    Escalator safety knowledge

    (Summary description)Escalator safety knowledge


    Escalator safety knowledge

    1.Cause of accident analysis.

    ——Analysis of the type of escalator accident in recent years

    Escalator accidents should be focused on preventing the extrusion accidents caused by the gaps of mechanical parts.


    ——Analysis of elevator accident types in recent years



    Elevator accidents should focus on preventing related accidents caused by elevator doors.


    2.Internal structure of escalator.

    3.Keep in mind the escalator signs.

    4.Dangerous action life example.

    5.How to rescue the people around when escalator accident happens



    6.Emergency buttons are installed where not easy to trigger, but easy to find.

    * In non-emergency situations, do not press the button, or sudden stop will also cause harm to passengers .When it is confirmed that someone has been involved in the escalator, those around     you should quickly find the button and press it .Then find the staff and call the emergency number.

    7.Countermeasures for escalator safety accidents.

    *In the event of a crush injury, the most important thing is to protect the head and neck. Can hold the head with one hand, one hand to protect the neck, the body flexion, in situ protection.

      When the escalator back, quickly grasp the handrail, low posture, keep calm, do not crowd trample.


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    How to prevent accidents when taking escalators

    If an emergency occurs and someone has an accident on the escalator, passengers must remember to press the emergency button, and the escalator will stop running at the first time to facilitate rescue.


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