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    The following points should be paid attention to when taking the escalator

    The following points should be paid attention to when taking the escalator

    (Summary description)The following points should be paid attention to when taking the escalator

    The following points should be paid attention to when taking the escalator

    (Summary description)The following points should be paid attention to when taking the escalator


    Five points to pay attention to when taking the escalator

    Before entering the escalator

    1. Do not use crutches, sticks, walkers, wheelchairs or other wheeled carts to take the ladder.

    2. Do not ride the escalator barefoot or in shoes with loose laces.

    3. Wear long skirts or carry items by hand, please pay attention to the skirt and items, and beware of being caught.

    When entering the escalator

    1. Enter and exit steadily and quickly. If you have poor eyesight, be especially careful

    2. Please pay attention to the width of the escalator, do not crowd with others on the same step

    3. Tighten the child with your hands or grasp the small items that are easy to fall.

    4. The elderly or children must be supported and accompanied by healthy adults.

    When riding the escalator

    1. Keep loose clothing off the steps and sides, and do not place handbags or small bags on the handrails.

    2. When the escalator runs to the end, be sure to concentrate and not be distracted when moving.

    3. Do not lean on the side skirt of the escalator, and do not kick the escalator end cover with your feet.

    4. Do not stick your head out of the side of the escalator, so as not to hit the outside object

    5. Since the height of the steps is not designed for walking, please do not walk or run on the steps. So as not to increase the risk of falling or falling off the escalator.

    When leaving the escalator

    1. Be optimistic about the edge and step out of the escalator step steadily.

    2. After taking the escalator, do not stop talking or look around when you leave the escalator exit area, please take the initiative to give way to the passengers behind.

    About the emergency stop switch

    There is an emergency stop switch at the exit of the escalator, which is only used in emergency situations, and should not be pressed under normal circumstances.


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