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    UVC LED Sterilization Lamp Instruction Manual

    UVC LED Sterilization Lamp Instruction Manual

    (Summary description)UVC LED Sterilization Lamp
    Product Model:  TGSJ-LED24
    Rated Voltage: DC24V
    Rated Current: <150mA
    Radiation Intensity: ≥45um/cm2 (@15mm)
    Wavelength Range: 270~285nm

    UVC LED Sterilization Lamp Instruction Manual

    (Summary description)UVC LED Sterilization Lamp
    Product Model:  TGSJ-LED24
    Rated Voltage: DC24V
    Rated Current: <150mA
    Radiation Intensity: ≥45um/cm2 (@15mm)
    Wavelength Range: 270~285nm


    UVC LED Sterilization Lamp Instruction Manual

    • Exploded Drawings for Components

    • Main Data

    • Component



           Product Model:       TGSJ-LED24

         Rated Voltage:       DC24V

         Rated Current:       <150mA

         Radiation Intensity:   ≥45um/cm2 (@15mm)

         Wavelength Range:  270~285nm


    2.Instruction Manual 

    This instruction manual introduces UVC sterilization lamp.

    Before the first operation, please read the instruction manual and understand the related operations regarding this UVC sterilization lamp. Please be sure to follow the related safety reminders and use this lamp properly. Please keep the manual well and easily be accessed once needed to search safety reminder and important information.


    3.Instruction Manual for Installations


    Applicable Environment 

    UVC Sterilization lamp is used for industrial, residence, commercial and enterprise. The local climate conditions should meet the requirements of the operating environment.

    This lamp needs to be installed and used by professionals, which the EMC knowledge and experience is not necessary.

    Qualification of Operation Staff

    Only electrical professionals (meet the standard of IEC 60050/EN 50110-1:2008-09-01 is electrical professional) can install, test and operate electrical equipment. Professionals should follow the ESD protection standards when installing, testing and operating ESD sensitive components. The lamp is delivered, unboxed, operated, and maintained only by the professionals who are trained and authorized.

    Must follow the standard of ISO 15858 UV-C Devices-Safety information-permissible human exposure and train the related staff to operate proper.

    Must follow the standard of EN 170:2002/ISO 12312-1-20-13 to choose safety goggles to operate if any UVC protection is required. For example: UV-499 (UV protective glasses)


    Please keep the original package for shipping and deliver. Be caution for fragile. Do not litter.


    Please keep the lamp in clean and dry environment with protection. The best storage temperature is -30℃ ~ +70℃

    Disposal of Components 

    Do not drop the lamp into trash bin directly. The lamp and its components and package need to be disposed properly and legally.


    4.Proper Usage

    This UVC sterilization lamp is especially design for escalators and moving walks, which sterilizes for handrail. So, this lamp must be installed inside the enclosed space of escalators’ ad moving walks’.

    Any other applications are not our initial and prospective proposals, which will lead to the misuse of the lamp.

    UVC sterilization lamp can not be used for sterilization for humans or animals, and it’s not suitable for household room illumination.

    Prospective and proper usage also including:

      · The lamp may only be turned on after it has been installed in the escalator/moving walk.

      · Follow this instruction manual.


    5.Improper Usage 

    If the UVC sterilization lamp is used improperly, it will be harmful for humans and animals. In the event of improper use, the liability on the part of MINJIE as well as the general operating permit expires. 


    6.Technical Specification 

    Please check the drawings in the appendix. 



    The UVC sterilization lamp is installed inside an escalator. Choose an available space where the lamp can be fixed in handrail system.


    8.Usage and Test

    Testing before Usage:

    · Check all components of lamp and recognize whether any damage.

    · All electrical components operate normally.

      Only the installation area i enclosed, then the UVC sterilization lamp can be turned on. If you need to check whether the UVC LEDs operate normally, please take protective measures, such as wear       protective goggles, and keep the distance from the lamp above 1 meter.


    9.Normal Operation

    In normal operation condition, UVC Sterilization lamp will work in an enclosed area of handrail. If the escalator pauses or stops, the lamp will be turned off accordingly.


    10.Clean the lamp


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