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    What spare parts in a escalator?

    What spare parts in a escalator?

    • Categories:NEWS
    • Author:Operation
    • Origin:Original
    • Time of issue:2022-01-06
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    (Summary description)Escalator Product Introduction
    Product features
    Standard configuration
    Escalator delivery information

    What spare parts in a escalator?

    (Summary description)Escalator Product Introduction
    Product features
    Standard configuration
    Escalator delivery information

    • Categories:NEWS
    • Author:Operation
    • Origin:Original
    • Time of issue:2022-01-06
    • Views:0

    Escalator Product Introduction

    Product features:

    We can take escalstor in shopping malls,subway, airport, hotels and public places

    Lifting height: 29.5m

    Maximum truss span without intermediate support > 16.37m

    Tilt angle: 30°and 35°

    Number of horizontal rungs: 2 and 3

    Speed: 0.5 m/s

    Step width: 600, 800 and 1000mm

    Suitable for indoor and semi outdoor installation

    Meet European EN115 and national standard GB16899


    Standard configuration:

    Handrail height: 900mm

    Handrail color: Black https://www.deysse.com/Escalator_detail.html?productId=102

    Inner and outer cover plates: stainless steel

    Step: natural color aluminum without frame www.deysse.com/product/Escalator-No-Painting-Step-Size-800mm-Aluminum%C2%A0Use-For-Market--958.html

    Skirt: 3mm thick carbon steel plate with black anti friction coating on the surface

    Entrance panel color: Black www.deysse.com/product/Escalator-Parts-OEM-KM5072733D10KM5072733H01-Front-Plate-Inner-Low-LHUPP-RH-R20-1102.html

    Comb teeth: yellow plastic www.deysse.com/product/Escalator-Comb-Plate-Yellow-Teeth-22%C2%A0Size-200*130mm-GS00312084-1318.html

    Floor cover plate: stainless steel

    Operation mode: star-triangle

    Control system: PCB electrical system



    PLC electrical system

    PLC electrical system + frequency conversion

    Combination of automatic start and variable frequency operation

    Operating speed: 0.5m/s 0.2m/s 0m /s

    E-Link remote monitoring system

    Stainless steel step

    Anti climbing plate

    Aluminum comb

    Glass butt joint vertical ground

    The butt joint of the outer trim panel is vertical to the ground

    Glass exterior trim panel

    Optical fiber continuous skirt lamp

    Middle cover plate

    During installation, it is necessary to carefully check whether the options correspond to the contract


    Escalator delivery information

    It is transported in containers. When the lift height of the escalator reaches the following dimensions, sections will be adopted.

    Standard Truss

    Number of Segments

    Lifting Height

    Number of Standard Trucks

    Lengthened Truss

    Number of 


    Lifting Height

    Number of standard trucks

    30D-2-2 1


    1 30D-2-2 1 2000≤H≤4300 1


    2 2 4301≤H≤6000 2
    35D-2-2 1 2000≤H≤5300 1 35D-2-2 1 2000≤H≤4900 1
    2 5301≤H≤6000 2 2 4901≤H≤6000 2
    30D-3-3 1 2000≤H≤4350 1 30D-3-3 1 2000≤H≤2500 1
    2 4351≤H≤4510 2 2 2501≤H≤3500 2
    2 4511≤H≤5110 2 3 3501≤H≤7650 2
    2 5111≤H≤5710 2 4 7651≤H≤9500 3
    2 5711≤H≤6310 2 35D-3-3 1 2000≤H≤3900 1
    2 6311≤H≤9000 2 2 3901≤H≤4800 2
    3 9001≤H≤9500 3 3 4801≤H≤6000 2
    35D-3-3 1 2000≤H≤5100 1

    When divided into two sections, remove some handrails and guardrails in multiple sections.

    All of them shall be removed, and the middle support shall be detachable.

    2 5101≤H≤6000 2

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    News More


    2023 Vietnam Lift International Expo ended successfully

    The holding of the Vietnam International Lift Expo has brought further results to DEYSSE's progress in the industry. We will also continue to inject new vitality into the escalator industry.

    Deysse on first day of the 15th WEE Expo!

    The 15th Shanghai World Elevator & Escalator Expo,DEYSSE is here.

    The potential of the Vietnam elevator & escalator market

    Vietnam's lift and escalator industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by urbanization and economic development. The market is projected to reach $450 million by 2025. Local manufacturers are gaining market share, while international brands are also entering the Vietnamese market. The industry is evolving towards smarter, safer, and more energy-efficient products, with the introduction of new technologies and innovations. The Vietnamese government's push for urbanization further supports the market's expansion. However, increased competition is expected in the future.


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